Grand Project Knowledge Seminar Amaresa 2

The long wait of our loyal Brokers and Sellers was ended last October 19, 2015 after the grand introduction of the Amaresa 2 subdivision project. Over 350 active individuals attended the seminar at the Grotto Vista Resort, City of San Jose del Monte Bulacan.

The mood was noticed right away to be very enthusiastic. The developers and marketing arm conducted this event to provide full knowledge of the project but turned out to be a reunion of former Brokers and Sellers from the Amaresa 1 Subdivision with an addition of a great number of fresh faces.

The experience was entertaining and informational at the same time. What supposed to be a monotonous event became an interactive course to smart start a new and auspicious project.

Red Oak Properties Inc., Goldenpine Realty and Property Venture & Blue Mountain Properties are proud to provide a thriving and growing community with-in the perimeter walls of the Amaresa 1 Subdivision.