Fiesta sa Amaresa

Amaresa Subdivision has reached people's heart through festivities. Nowadays, unfortunately, a festival means they give you a holiday, and you wake up only at twelve noon. Then you eat a lot and go for a movie or watch television at home. But in opur culture, a festival meant the whole community would gather in a place and there would be a big party. A festival meant we got up in the morning, and very actively, lots of things happened all over the place. To bring back this culture in people, Amaresa Subdivision celebrates important festivals in the Philippines. If we don’t create something like this, by the time the next generation comes, they will not know what a festival is. All these events were brought into the subdivision just to keep everyone active and enthusiastic in so many ways. The idea behind this was to make our whole team together with guests, developers, brokers and sellers, into a celebration.